First Flipped Lesson

With my first Math 8 class this week, it was also my first flipped class. I was a bit worried about how the students would react to the idea.

I began by introducing the idea with the handout I had created. After I had given the basic explanation of what a flipped classroom meant and before I explained why I was planning to do this, I asked the students why a teacher might want to do this. The answers were exactly my rationale: “Because then if we are frustrated with the problems the teacher is there” and “We’ll have more time in class”. As much as any class is when you talk course outlines, they seemed excited.

I kept the first video very simple. I used the explain everything app on the iPad to record and set up a google form for the students to record some simple information as a test. Before the school day was even over I had about half the class’s responses turned in.

The biggest problem I foresee this week is keeping that momentum going. I want the students to be as engaged this week as they were on that very first day. So, back to the planning today!

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  1. This sounds VERY interesting. Can hardly wait to hear more.

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