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The Fantastic Flying Books of Morris Lessmore
4 of 5 stars
What a fun, magical read/experience! “The last page is full. All is good.” What a lovely sentiment to summarize this book and for all of us to be able to hope to say about our own lives. Just beautiful.
easy-reads and graphic-novels
2 of 5 stars
I’m on a cursed role of paperback novels that I dislike. This is one of that set. It was – as the 2 stars indicate – ok. Not sure why it’s a bestseller though. It rambles through a plot, doing post-modernist time shifting and discussions, b…
Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close
2 of 5 stars
I found this novel very pretentious – which makes this review a minority report for sure! The author seems to use every post-modern cliche in writing it: condensed font, coloured text, switching narrators, no quotation marks etc etc. Someho…
The Most Dangerous Thing
3 of 5 stars
I have read Lippman’s novels before and been intensely drawn into their worlds right from the start. This one was a bit of a slower start, but captured me by the end. The relationship between the characters is, as usual, one of Lippman’s st…
Planet Killers: A Spine-Tingling Look at Near-Earth Objects, Mass Extinctions, and the Controversial Science of Planetary Defense
3 of 5 stars
Interesting discussion of a topic I knew little about. Some prior technical knowledge would be helpful. My criticism is that the tone the author strikes seems to be quite ‘folksy’ which just doesn’t work for me when discussing a scientific …

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